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Ursus Mech

Ursus Medium Mech Background

The Ursus medium mech was designed from the ground up as a defensive unit to guard the Inner Sphere borders and garrisons.  The engine is underrated for its 50 ton chassis. Its designers sacrificed speed for armor and weaponry.  Due to the fact that it serves near garrisons which are close to supply centers, The Ursus mech had no great need for speed because it was not expected to go anywhere fast. Plus, with its grisly appearance, other mechs run from it.  Not the other way around. 

The Ursus mech also has the unique distinction of being the first battlemech that is a fusion between Clan and Inner Sphere technologies. It was the first Clan mech designed and manufactured entirely and exclusively in the Inner Sphere. Although a Clan design, the Ursus mech uses the latest and greatest Inner Sphere technology. Many expects consider the Clans to have the edge in technology, but the Ursus can nevertheless hold its own technologically against any Clan mech of the same (medium) class.

The Ursus is mostly manufactured in Inner Sphere factories Clan Ghost Bear captured during the Clan invasion. The remaining components (mostly the weapons) are brought in from Clan space. It took over seven years for Clan Ghost Bear technicians to successfully meld together Clan and Inner Sphere parts so that they would work well together. The results produced the Ursus mech, a capable second-line mech.  The Ursus saw full-scale production beginning in 3059 and was shipped to garrison units throughout the Touman. The introduction of the Ursus alleviated a logistical problem the Clans had. Because it is manufactured within the Inner Sphere, it is not necessary for the Clans to import mechs from their own territories to defend their positions which border the Inner Sphere.

The Ursus is clad with eight and a half tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor. Although this amount of armor is not great for its weight class, the designers believed that anything more would be unnecessary due to its limited role as a defensive unit. It has an ECM suite in one of its shoulders that is used to disrupt enemy electronics.

The Ursus Mech Lego Model

When I saw the skull shaped torso of the Ursus mech in the plans that Primus created, I knew I was going to build it.  I have to commend Primus on his clever design work. He really outdid himself with the Ursus. The way he combined the white and black Lego slopes to come up with the skull shape, especially the eye socket area, was impressive. The Lego model build went fairly smoothly, with the torso (naturally) taking up the most time. There was no serious stability issues, as the Ursus is a straight standing Lego model, and the leg joints did not pose any problems, unlike other Lego mech models with “chicken” type legs. I did find the elbow joints to be too long and spindly, and modified it a bit by inserting it further up into the shoulders.

When completed, the Ursus mech Lego model has a brutish looking stance, with its torso and broad shoulders (the ECM suite and missile launchers) overwhelming all other parts. It reminds me of a muscle-bound caveman cartoon character, with its tiny lower extremities compared to its massive upper body. There were a few hard to find Lego parts, but overall, it is a highly recommended build on pure looks alone, even if you’re not an Ursus fan.

To download building plans for the Ursus medium mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of medium mechs similar to the Ursus mech here.

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