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Stone Rhino/Behemoth Mech

Stone Rhino/Behemoth Mech Background

The Stone Rhino mech (aka Behemoth in the Inner Sphere), is known in the Battletech universe more by its reputation than by actual real world experience. This is because it is such an impossibly massive mech, with an incredible price tag to go with it, that few armies can afford to field one. Commanders who come into possession of the Stone Rhino mech are afraid to deploy them because a loss would be catastrophic, both in morale and materiel. The mere rumor that a unit possesses one of these beasts, however, is enough to elevate the unit’s reputation and status. Therefore, they are more for propaganda purposes than for combat, which is a shame because the Stone Rhino can hold its own against any mech. It was designed to single-handedly take on and defeat an entire company of mechs. One unusual feature the Stone Rhino possesses is the ability for it to use its giant arm mounted pulse lasers as battering rams. They have retractable protective cowlings and special shock absorbers. The Stone Rhino can whack smaller mechs into the ground like they were tent stakes. For this reason, the Stone Rhino is aptly named. If the battering ram feature is not terrifying enough, this beast can destroy small mechs by stepping on them. It’s the Andre the Giant of the Battletech world. Oh yeah, it has lasers, too.

Not surprisingly, the prototype of the Stone Rhino mech was plagued with problems, especially with the leg actuators. It’s hard to move all that mass around on a bipedal system. The project was shut down several times to work out the bugs. Like all great designs which were before their time, the Stone Rhino has come to prove its worth through the years. It is now considered venerable.

Check out the video below of a group of Stone Rhinos on the hunt against a pack of Mad Cats.

The Stone Rhino/Behemoth Mech Lego Model

The Stone Rhino mech Lego model is one of the top five most massive mech models I have built, using over 1,800 LEGO pieces. I had to scrounge around and salvage other Lego models for every plate, brick, and wedge to complete the build. It is truly a monster. It looks the part of a 100 ton war machine. It took almost 7 hours to build this thing, but the end result was more than satisfactory. The only omission in Primus’ plan is a lack of a stopper to keep the torso from collapsing forward on its chicken legs. You must add a stopper in the hips, otherwise it’ll look like it’s doing yoga in a hunched over position. I recommend using a round 2×2 brick with axle hole, attached to each side of the hip assembly. If you have the pieces, this Lego build is simply incredible.

Ralph the trusty mech mechanic was sick on the day of the photo session (actually, I couldn’t find him), so the pilots enjoyed hamming it up for the camera.

To download building plans for the Stone Rhino assault mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of assault mechs similar to the Stone Rhino mech here.

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  1. This is my all-time fave mech ! do you have a parts list for this “Behemoth” ? 7 hrs of construction, not sure i could stop. I love building in this medium and love this mech.

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