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Salamander Mech

Salamander Mech Background

In real life, the salamander is an amphibious creature that is shy and mostly harmless. In the Battletech universe, however, the Salamander mech is an assault-class fire support mech that is instantly recognizable by the massive arrays of missile launchers in its torso and left arm. This iconic machine-of-war sports two Doombud LRM-20 missile launchers under its broad shoulders. A third LRM-20 on the left arm gives it one and a half times the firepower of the not-exactly-lightweight Archer. It’s clad with 15 and a half tons of armor. Which means, you’d better bring all your big guns to play with this beast. Unlike its namesake, this mechanical creature is not shy or harmless. Even with your biggest guns, however, you’re still in a heap of trouble because Salamander mech‘s long range missiles will tear you apart before you get into range. The Salamander is built to carry out long range fire support and bombardment missions. It softens up targets from range while other mechs move in for the kill. It is powered by a Pitban 320 XL Engine mounted on a Chariot Type IV Endo Steel chassis, which allows for a heavy weapon load ratio.

The Salamander Mech Lego Model

As soon as I saw the unusual rounded shape of the shoulders, I instantly wanted to build this Lego model of the Salamander. For a big model, it didn’t require an excessive amount of Lego pieces because its design uses larger parts such as the windshield shaped wedges in the shoulders. The torso build was fun, and incorporated techniques I’d never thought about (such as, using the earlings to create the rails on the back) [Note: “earlings” are the 1×1 modified bricks with headlight]. There weren’t any essential modifications in the model, but I tweaked the feet a bit to suit my taste. I also added missile cones in the chest using globe with stick parts.

I especially like the torso’s shape and the missile launchers attached to it. The hand, with four fingers and an opposable thumb, looked good, and it could actually grab things (check out the image of Ralph the trusty mechanic screaming for his life). The model is very light for its size. Its overall shape reminds me of a linebacker, because of the hunched shoulders. I was really surprised when I found out that a minifig (legoguys, as I call them) couldn’t fit in the cockpit. The nature of the design prevents you from modifying it without changing the look of the model. Basically, the cockpit is purely for show.

The Salamander’s body was sturdy and stable, and you could move it around freely without worrying about parts falling off along the way. It’s a straight-legged design, so it’s pretty balanced. Its center of balance is slightly forward, so it’s vulnerable to an accidental bump from the back. I highly recommend building this model.

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