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Ocelot Mech (Mechwarrior 4)

Ocelot Mech Background

Encountering a real life ocelot, you might be misled by its size, which is not much bigger than a well-fed house cat. They are one of the smaller wild cats. Don’t try to pet one, though, because ocelots are strong and vicious enough to deal some serious damage. They are the opposite of your cuddly feline friend. The tiny razor blades they have in their paws will make you wish you never got close. They may look cute with their┬ádistinctive leopard spots, but they’re killers to the core and should not be trifled with. They’ll cut you without thinking twice.

The Battlemech Ocelot has similar qualities. Light and compact, but deadly, especially in numbers. Unlike their feline counterparts, Ocelots of the mech kind are pack hunters. They were designed for that specific purpose for the Inner Sphere armies by captured scientists of Clan Smoke Jaguar, and they excel due to their speed, agility, and firepower. Other light mechs and armored vehicles are their favorite prey. The Ocelot’s primary weapon is a heavy laser, which is complemented by a pair of medium lasers. These lasers can create quite a whoopin’, especially to the thin armor of light mechs. Heat buildup is not a significant issue because the Ocelot mech mounts adequate heat sinks.

Light mech pilots should be worried if there are Ocelot mechs on the prowl. Ocelot units don’t necessarily fight for glory. They have little interest in the thrill of mano-a-mano combat. They exist for one reason only: to kill other mechs using their numbers as an advantage. If you see one Ocelot, expect at least one other around the corner. Hope that it doesn’t detect you, and get the Hell out of the area, if you can. If you’re on your own, pray that your mech is faster than the Ocelot. If you’re with a lance, don’t get separated from your lance mates. Ocelot pilots are masters at working together as a team because that’s how they train. You’d better learn some fast teamwork if you want to survive your encounter with Ocelot mechs.

If you’ve ever seen videos of wolves hunting, you will know what’s coming. They come at your relentlessly and mercilessly. They take turns nipping at you until you’re too worn out to continue moving. They won’t stop until your carcass is ready to be served on a platter.

The Ocelot Mech Lego Model

The Ocelot mech has a strong resemblance to Japanese mechas, with their supersized fins, jump jet packs, grasping hands, and a primary weapon that is carried rather than mounted. Even to the casual fans of either genre, there is a distinct difference between Battlemechs and mecha. Although both share the “giant robot” foundation, their style are clearly demarcated. Mechas tend to be more humanoid in appearance while Battlemechs look robotic.

This is what drew me to the Ocelot mech Lego model from Primus. I liked its elegant lines. It seems to be a blend of the Battlemech and mecha styles, which is not a bad thing. Although the model is compact, it has plenty of interesting details. The torso, with its off-center laser, and the jet packs were the highlights for me. The color scheme was supposed to be just white and gray, but I modified it a bit by adding touches of red. This is a highly recommended build that will produce a cool looking model.

To download building plans for the Ocelot mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of light mechs similar to the Ocelot mech here.

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