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Marauder Mech

Marauder Mech Background

The Marauder mech is such an important mech in the Battletech universe that I would be remiss if if I didn’t write about it at this point. It is such an advanced, forward-thinking design that hundreds of years after it was first introduced, it can still hold its own against the newest mechs. When evaluating the Marauder, it is easy to not be impressed if one were to only look at its individual qualities. There is no one single element that is makes the Marauder such a successful design. But like a good meal, a well made sandwich, a winning sports team, or a great book, it’s the sum of all parts that confer greatness. Such is the case with the Marauder. It is not the biggest or most heavily armed mech. Nor is it the fastest or best armored. However, once you combine all the elements together in its sleek package, magic happens.

The Marauder mech’s twin particle projector cannons have appeared on other mechs such as the Warhammer and are actually quite common weapons, ┬ábut the way these guns are mounted on the Marauder gives it an advantage. Its arms are of the ball-and-socket type, which enables the Marauder to bring its weapons to bear much faster, with increased accuracy. In any gunfight, the first to draw and shoot accurately is more likely to walk away in one piece. The Marauder doesn’t carry an astounding amount of armor, only eleven and one half tons, but its armor design is so advanced that the precise formulation has been lost in time. Battle damaged Marauders often look like quilt blankets because they were inevitably patched up with different types of armor due to the fact the original materials are no longer available. Its chassis was a radical departure from the humanoid designs of other mechs. Although it weighs over 75 tons, putting it in the heavy mech class, the Marauder’s profile is so sleek that targeting it is easier said than done. It is far different from the lumbering hulks of other mechs in its class. Its only known weakness is its legs, and its lack of jump capability.

The Marauder mech is so effective in combat because has enough firepower to dispatch most smaller mechs with ease, at good range. Its secondary weapon, the torso-mounted autocannon, has the same range as its PPCs, so its weapons may be used together, double-fisted style. For close fighting, its arm lasers are sufficient to do the job. Marauder pilots also can use its well-armored arms like clubs to bash enemy mechs. It can kill you at range or melee style. With these types of options, it’s easy to see why Marauders are one of the most feared mechs in existence.

The Marauder Mech Lego Model

The original design of the Marauder mech from classic Battletech is rarely seen in photos and never appears in games due to copyright disputes with another game company.

The Marauder mech Lego model depicted here was designed by Primus. I have to be honest and say that despite its stature in the Battletech universe, I’m not a Marauder fan. I just don’t care for its looks (at least the Classic Battletech version). A mech without a visible cockpit is like a face without eyes. To me, that is the biggest shortcoming of this Marauder Lego model. Without a cockpit, it looks less like a war machine with a human inside, and more like a robot. That’s okay for most folks, but it doesn’t work for me. I built the model because a site about Battletech mechs without a Marauder is like a sentence without punctuation. The model turned out well, despite the difficulties of depicting the rounded torso design of the Marauder with mostly square Lego bricks.

This Marauder Lego model was one of Primus’s early designs, as it is constructed mostly of basic Lego bricks and slopes. No fancy building techniques or exotic pieces. To see how far Primus was able to go with one of his later designs, check out this Lego model of the Marauder IIC.

To download building plans for the Marauder heavy mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of heavy mechs similar to the Marauder mech here.

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