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Gyrfalcon Mech (Age of Destruction)

Gyrfalcon Mech Background

The Gyrfalcon mech adheres to Clan Jade Falcon’s design philosophy of building mechs which resemble their real life archetypes. Indeed, the Gyrfalcon looks like a bird of prey with a rounded cockpit that tapers to a beak-like nose cone. Its jump jets have stability fins which evoke the spreading wings of a falcon in flight. Its feet have talon like claws to help it remain upright. Of course, it also has the “chicken legs” which all birds have in common.

Make no mistake, though, the Gyrfalcon is more than just a stylistic exercise. It is truly a deadly mech that lives up to its namesake. Its simple but effective construction, respectable 86 k.p.h. top speed, and concentrated firepower make it an adversary to be taken seriously. Since 3010, it has become a common sight in Clan Jade Falcon’s front line units. Armed with two extended range large lasers and autocannons mounted on its arms, it can go toe to toe (or beak to beak) with all medium mechs in its 55-ton class range.

The Gyrfalcon Mech Lego Model

The Lego model of the Gyrfalcon mech below is another one of Primus’ first-class designs. It took us two attempts to get it right. The first build was in a blue color scheme, which was totally wrong. We scrapped it and waited some time until we collected enough pieces in black and orange to attempt a second build. I’m more satisfied with the results. It’s always a bit tricky to try to build a model in a single, dominant color because Lego does not manufacture all of its pieces in every color. Black is often a good bet because almost all common pieces, and many rare ones, come in black. Still, building a series of black mechs can get boring and I avoid it if at all possible. The last thing I want to do is to build a series of mechs in black (or white). I’m always on the hunt for new Lego color schemes to keep the models fresh looking.

It was enjoyable to see the model come together. The individual sections (especially in the legs) didn’t make any sense, but once assembled, everything looks right on. The hips offered just enough stability to keep the model upright, and no more. There was almost no leeway for posing because the model was top-heavy (thanks to the massive autocannons). Once you find the center of balance, it is best to leave it in that position. The guns were my favorite parts, but they were the main culprit in making the model tipsy. This is why I have my doubts about whether mechs can have any viable military uses. If I can barely keep a 12-inch model from collapsing on its own weight, I don’t know how a 55-ton machine can stand at all. Also, if you’ve ever seen the recoil of an arty piece firing in real life, you would question the practicality of mounting them on arms with flexible joints. Despite these observations, mechs are still a lot of fun. Just don’t think too hard about the physics of it all.

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