Gambit Mech

Gambit Mech

The Gambit mech made its initial appearance in the Age of Destruction game. That is pretty much the extent of the information available about the Gambit, a light (25 tons) mech. It is not a major design in the Battletech universe, and depictions of it are rare. If you are a fan of the Gambit, this may be one of the few places where you can see it in photos.

I’m not totally sure why I decided to build this model, other than the fact that I thought Primus’ design of the sloped shoulders looked interesting. I didn’t keep much of the original torso, and modified it to accommodate a pilot figure. I also widened the arms to give them more heft. The joints connecting the legs to the hips were inadequate, and I replaced them with Technic brick friction joints with rotating pins. The result was one of the most stable mech models I have built to date. Perhaps other folks who know more about the Gambit can add to the discussion.

To download building plans for the Gambit light mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of light mechs similar to the Gambit mech here.

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