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Flea Mech

Flea Mech Background

The Flea is an extremely dangerous mech…if you were a foot grunt…without any weapons…caught in the open by yourself. Otherwise, you don’t really have much to worry about. The Flea, with its lightweight armor and puny guns, will pose little threat to you. It is strictly a recon mech, and Flea pilots are under orders not to engage bigger and better armed mechs. It serves its primary purpose very well because it’s fast, light, and maneuverable, but it is useless going toe-to-toe with other mechs. A Flea pilot would be smart to only attack light infantry, but Fleas have been known to take down much bigger adversary if they worked together using swarming hit and run tactics [check out the video below of a group of Fleas picking apart a Fafnir]. Because of its small size and speed, it’s harder for a big mech to get an accurate bead on it. No matter how big your guns are, you can’t destroy what you can’t hit. A pilot who makes the most of the Flea’s slight advantages will live to fight another day.

The video not only illustrates the best tactics for deploying a group of Flea mechs against better armed opponents, but it also shows the limitations of bigger mechs such as the Fafnir. Often times we obsess about the biggest guns or the most massive mech. Both these things are good, and they have their time and place and purpose. But, as any judo master can reveal to you, every strength comes with a weakness. In fact, your greatest strength is often your greatest weakness in certain circumstances. There is ALWAYS a tradeoff. For instance, a cannon can deal a lot of destruction, but cannons are mostly slow loading, require a crew to operate, and pack a lot of recoil. If you were trying to shoot a moving person with a cannon, its destructive power is made moot by its disadvantages. In this situation, the most powerful cannon in the world has no advantage over a 9mm pistol. The cannon’s perceived strength is actually its weakness.

The Flea Mech Lego Model

The Flea mech Lego model featured here was a quick and easy build. It is tiny, measuring only 7.5 inches (19.5 cm) in height. While the legs of most other mech models are 4-6 studs wide, the Flea’s was only one. Its cockpit, while small, was big enough to fit a pilot. The side mounted turrets on either side look convincing. The nice thing about this model is that it came together really fast because there were so few pieces. Unlike other builds which would literally take hours to put together (and take apart), I was able to complete the Flea model in less than an hour. Best of all, it looks good. The model produces a close likeness of this under-appreciated mech. It’s a great project to work on when you want to kill a bit of time and you don’t feel like pulling out your entire Lego collection.

To download building plans for the Flea light mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of light mechs similar to the Flea mech here.

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