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Fafnir Mech (Mechwarrior 4)

Fafnir Mech Background

Named after a mythical Norse Dragon, the Fafnir is a walking block–an impervious 100-ton death cube on legs. It is one of the most powerful mechs in existence, with humongous guns that can properly be described as artillery pieces. Its square shape resembles a sledgehammer and conveys its only purpose–dealing damage and destruction. The Fafnir‘s design is not about style or finesse. Its pilots affectionately call it “Mugger,” after all. It has no need for sleek lines or curves because it doesn’t go very fast. Why bother with speed when it carries almost 20 tons of armor? This is more than what some mechs weigh.  

The Fafnir is no gentle giant. Its torso is merely a platform for its main weapons, two “Hammerfist” Heavy Gauss Rifles whose damage rate and range is without equal. It can carry over four tons of ammunition for these guns, which is a good thing because once the ammo runs out, its secondary weapons are just a pair medium pulse lasers and one small pulse laser. A Fafnir out of ammo is no better armed than a light mech. Just bigger and slower.

Ironically, the Fafnir’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. Its fearsome Heavy Gauss Rifles, which can destroy many mechs with a single hit, is practically useless against small, agile mechs which can run circles around it. This is because the Fafnir has a terrible rotation and turn rate. It turns like a tractor trailer on ice. The Titanic is probably more maneuverable than this beast. Also, it cannot carry any missiles. It must rely exclusively on its big guns for ranged attacks. Worse yet, it cannot avoid missiles like other more agile mechs, because it cannot move its hulking mass out of the way fast enough. Despite its impressive armor, a Fafnir in a duel against a smaller mech with long range missiles has the disadvantage.

For these reasons, although the Fafnir is classified as an assault mech, a better role for it is to defend bases or important installations. Near a base, its need for ammo resupplies is less of an issue. Also, it weakness against small mechs would not so easily be exploited because the base would be able to defend the Fafnir against such attacks. If a commander wishes to use a Fafnir in an assault role, care must be taken to pair it with appropriate support mechs. That way, the Fafnir can do its job of breaking through defenses, taking out high priority targets, and generally cause fear and mayhem. The support mechs would protect it against pesky small mechs which would try to outflank the Fafnir in order to get to its soft backside.

Check out this video of the Fafnir in Action from the Mechwarrior 4 PC game:

The Fafnir Mech Lego Model

The Fafnir mech Lego model depicted below was designed by Jason Cortright, but appears on Primus’ site. It is the version of the Fafnir which appears in Mechwarrior 4. It took me about 5 ½ hours to build it. I was surprised to see that it was a lot smaller than the model of the Supernova, a 90-ton mech, even though the Fafnir was rated at 100-tons. My guess is that the weight comes from is dense, compact design. It is stable as a brick, which it is. I prefer the assault or heavy mechs, and most of my builds so far have been in that category. I also like the blue/yellow color scheme, and built many Lego models in this scheme.

To download building plans for the Fafnir assault mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of assault mechs similar to the Fafnir mech here.

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