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Agro-Mech Background

Not all mechs are weapons of war.  In fact, the first mechs, such as the original design of the Agro-Mech, were intended for civilian and industrial use only, before the weapons manufacturers embraced their advantages. These mechs made colonizing thousands of distant planets in the galaxy possible for humans because they were able to operate in the harshest of terrain and environments. Their pilots were well protected against the elements, as well as alien creatures (although the Battletech universe rarely mentions anything about the fauna or flora of alien worlds). For centuries, the first mechs were used for peaceful, productive purposes to help humanity. This makes sense, because the design DNA of a tank can be traced to the bulldozer.

The Agro-Mech is purely an industrial mech. It  is designed for large-scale planting, harvesting, and tilling of land. Imagine a mech that grows things rather than blows things up. Instead of a fusion reactor, it is powered by an internal combustion engine (ICE). Thus, it has exhaust pipes. Although, I’m not sure how this would make any sense, since that means it can only operate on planets with an atmosphere similar to that of earth’s (no oxygen=no internal combustion; too much oxygen=explosion). I’m also puzzled as to what type of farming mankind can do on an alien planet. Will humans eat the planet’s native plants (which most likely will not be edible to us). I wouldn’t want to be the first to taste an alien plant to see if it’s any good. Or, will humans try to export earth’s crop plants (which might not grow on alien soil, or will be too invasive and destructive). I won’t even talk about how alien microbes will interact with earth plants. Somehow, I can’t imagine amber waves of grain on Alpha Centuri. Therefore,  whole idea of a mech designed to farm on alien worlds seem farfetched to me, but I readily admit that I don’t know enough about the Battletech universe to make any sense of it. Or maybe, I just don’t let my imagination go wild enough.

The Agro-Mech Lego Model

Regardless of its questionable utility, I like this Agro-Mech Lego model from Primus. The double saw-blades on the shoulders (what can it expect to saw there?), and the slightly more practical arm-saw look like they came out of a mad industrialist’s workshop. In a good way, of course. The original plans called for a rounded cockpit glass, but I replaced  it with sloped glass which I thought looked more similar to today’s work machines. The feet were a bit dainty, but they kept the model upright enough. Overall cool factor is very high. Trust me, you’re not going to be able to resist spinning the saw blades and making a buzzing sound with your mouth. Highly recommended build.

To download building plans for the Agro-mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of non-combat mechs similar to the Agro-mech here.

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