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Cauldron Born/Ebon Jaguar Mech

Cauldron Born/Ebon Jaguar Heavy Mech Background

The Black Cauldron is a story inspired by Irish folklore. It is a supernatural cauldron where freshly slain men are reanimated. Such men become undead zombie warriors, lacking any memory of their former human selves. They are mute. Their only purpose for existing is to obey their master. Not only do they lack the power of speech, they feel no pain, fear, or mercy. They are like T-800 Terminators. Everything that made them human has been stripped. They do not need water, food, or sleep. Because they are not alive and possess no soul, they cannot be killed. It is this last characteristic that inspired the codename “Cauldron Born” for the Ebon Jaguar mech, a heavy (65 tons) Clan mech that is fielded by Clan Smoke Jaguar. The Cauldron Born/Ebon Jaguar mech has a reputation for being able to absorb insane amounts of punishment without being taken out of action. It will continue to fight like a possessed zombie warrior even after sustaining enough damage to knock out several similar sized mechs. For this reason, the Cauldron Born/Ebon Jaguar mech is known exclusively by its Inner Sphere codename. Its Clan name has been pretty much forgotten.

Unfortunately for Inner Sphere mechwarriors, the Cauldron Born/Ebon Jaguar mech lives up to its fearsome namesake. In its most popular configuration, it is equipped with an Ultra AC/2 cannon and one SRM6 launcher on each arm. It mounts two LRM15 launchers on top of its torso. To round things off, it also sports a small laser, machine guns, or flamer to deal with ground troops. This mech can deal serious damage at all ranges. With a low profile that makes it difficult to see and target, it can be a formidable ambusher, a role in which it is frequently assigned. Its closest counterpart in the Inner Sphere is the Bushwhacker medium mech, even though I don’t think the latter can stand a chance against the Cauldron Born/Ebon Jaguar. Others may disagree, but the Bushwhacker, with its inferior weapons load-out, can’t come close to standing toe to toe against the Cauldron Born/Ebon Jaguar mech.

Here is a gameplay video of the Cauldron Born/Ebon Jaguar in action:

The Cauldron Born/Ebon Jaguar Mech Lego Model

Primus designed this Lego model of the Cauldron Born/Ebon Jaguar mech. I hope the photos do it justice, because this is a very, very good model. One of the best I have constructed in a long time. Bristling with missile launchers and guns, the model looks the part of a mean war machine, and it resembles its archetype in Battletech canon. Its low slung stance conveys the impression that is about to pounce. Maybe Ebon Jaguar is a better moniker, after all. The shoulder mounted missile launchers looked badass. From looks alone, I definitely would not want to run across the Cauldron Born/Ebon Jaguar mech in battle.

There were no serious issues with the construction of the Cauldron Born/Ebon Jaguar mech Lego model. Although not the most stable model, it stood firmly and didn’t look like it was about to topple over at any given moment, despite the unusual appearance of its legs. I liked it so much that I kept it around for months after completing it, which is unusual for me because once I photograph a Lego model, the pieces get salvaged in order to make room for more builds. Sometimes I become attached to some mech models, such as the Cauldron Born, and keep them around for much longer than usual. Eventually, however, they all get salvaged.

For size comparison purposes, check out the photos of the Raptor, Razorback, and Puma light mechs standing next to the Cauldron Born.

To download building plans for the Cauldron Born/Ebon Jaguar heavy mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of heavy mechs similar to the cauldron born mech here.

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  1. Are you willing to sell (as a set) the lego pieces necessary to build these mechs? I saw a comment on one of the mechs that individual pieces are available for sale, but if you are able to offer the full set of pieces & instructions to build a mech, I would really love to assemble a mech or two with my kids.

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