Battletech Mobile HQ vehicle lego model 13

Battletech Mobile HQ from Mechwarrior

Battletech Mobile HQ Vehicle Background

Mobile command centers are one of those things you see a lot on TV or in the movies, but are actually rare in real life. There are very few such specialized vehicles in existence. Most of the time, mobile command centers are makeshift conversions from conventional vehicles.  Overly large or conspicuous command vehicles are obviously not a good idea. They are too much of an enticing target. There’s nothing like having your commanding officer whacked in his command vehicle to lower morale. That is why you rarely see true command vehicles marked as such in real life.

Of course every war themed game must include a mobile HQ bristling with radar domes and radio antennas. The Battletech universe is no exception. Hence, we have the cleverly named Battletech “Mobile HQ,” a command vehicle fielded by Inner Sphere armies. This vehicle is special because it dates back to the Star League era. Because its manufacturing facility has long been destroyed, there are very few vehicles left (not sure why manufacturer can’t build another factory somewhere else). The ones which are still operational are barely so, with most of their equipment replaced with more modern but inferior technology. In fact, a unit with a pristine mobile HQ vehicle is considered worthy of great respect. In the Battletech world, a mobile HQ allows a leader to control all units under his command down to the individual soldier.  While in theory this is a nice capability, in practice it would be completely unfeasible. Commanders should not get into micromanaging. That’s what junior officers and noncommissioned officers are for. Warfighting is not the same thing as playing RTS video games.

The Battletech Mobile HQ Vehicle Lego Model

Primus designed the Lego model of the Mobile HQ.  It’s a functionally good looking model, although a little spare in the details.  I added a few things here and there to suit my taste.  I changed the cab design quite a bit, but constructed the trailer section pretty much according to plan.  I thought the canopy piece that makes up the rear of the trailer was pretty brilliant.  While this model is not epic in scale, it is a good addition to the Battletech Lego universe.

Check out the photo of the Mobile HQ with a Puma mech lurking in the background for size comparison purposes.

To download building plans for the Battletech Mobile HQ vehicle Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of aircraft and vehicles similar to the Mobile HQ here.

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