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Raptor Mech

Raptor Light Mech Background

When confronted with Clan omnimech technology for the first time, Inner Sphere forces were literally blown away. The ability of Clan commanders to change the weapon configuration of their mechs based upon the needs of the mission was an advantage that had no Inner Sphere equivalent. Inner Sphere forces could not let this situation go unchallenged, and their scientists began a hasty program to reverse-engineer omnimech technology. [NOTE: platforms with hardpoints for mounting different weapon systems have been around since the mid 20th century. How this simple technology got lost is a mystery only Battletech enthusiasts can understand.] The first mech which came out of this program was the Raptor mech, a light (25 tons) mech. Because its performance did not match that of its Clan counterparts, it was not universally appreciated. Its pilots were put off by its “omnimech” technology, which had the appearance of being cobbled together. Many consider it to be an experimental platform rather than a true fighting vehicle. Nonetheless, Inner Sphere scientists continued to work out its glitches and eventually the Raptor mech grew into its role as a reconnaissance mech. With a top speed of 118 k.p.h. and armed mostly with lasers and a MRM launcher, it is well equipped for scout duties.

New Raptor mech models and variants continue to be developed and the machine, once reviled by its own forces, has become venerable.

The Raptor Mech Lego Model

The Raptor mech Lego model below was designed my Primus. It is another mech that I constructed out of a sense of duty rather than any great fondness for the design. I’m not much of a Raptor fan because there’s nothing about it that is distinguishable from the scores of other light mechs. I’m sure there are folks who will swear by this mech with their lives. If you are a Raptor devotee, my apologies for giving your favorite mech short shrift. I liked the model okay. It doesn’t have any stability problems and it came together easily. That’s pretty much the extent of my thoughts on this mech. For size differences, check out the Raptor compared to the Gargoyle mech and the Cauldron-Born (to be posted in the future).

To download building plans for the Raptor light mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of light mechs similar to the Raptor mech here.

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