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Puma/Adder Mech

Puma/Adder Light Mech Background

The Adder, a Clan light mech (35 tons) earned the respectful codename “Puma” from Inner Sphere warriors who had the misfortune of facing it in battle. Armed with an extended range PPC on each arm (its most common configuration), the Puma/Adder mech was designed to tackle and dominate much larger mechs. Its weapons match or surpass those on most Inner Sphere medium class mechs. Although not well protected with only six tons of armor, the Puma/Adder mech achieves dominance with long range firepower that is aided by an advanced targeting computer. It can cripple enemy mechs from long distances before being exposed to hostile fire. Armor plating was sacrificed for a robust weapons payload. With well trained pilots who know the limitations of the Puma, this trade-off can yield tremendous dividends. As long as the mech stays out of range of the enemy, it will be relatively safe while it inflicts damage and destruction. It is fast enough to be able to dance around the periphery of its enemies’ weapon ranges. A sweet deal, indeed.

I’ve said this before, but to truly be a professional warrior, one must always be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your weapons, as well as those of your enemies. It’s not enough to be able to recognize a Puma/Adder mech from a Cougar. You have to know that the Cougar is an upgraded Puma/Adder with missiles. There’s a reason why the military spends billions each year researching the capabilities of potential adversaries. You should know exactly what you are facing in battle. You should not be surprised by anything. A weapon system’s weaknesses will never be truly revealed unless it has receive a baptism by fire. Nonetheless all performance data must be gathered, sifted, and sorted. In war, there’s no such thing as bad data. There’s only data that has been uncollected.

Watch is gameplay video of Mechwarrior 3 fight between a Puma/Adder and Cauldron Born that demonstrates the power of the PPC cannons:

The Puma/Adder Mech Lego Model

Primus designed the Lego model of the Puma/Adder mech. This my favorite light mech model so far. It has that hard to quantify attribute I call “personality.” By that, everything seems to be in the right proportion. It looks a lot like its depictions in Battletech canon. I was getting a bit bored with the other light mech models, but the Puma/Adder was a good antidote. It has a distinct anvil-looking profile that separates it from other light mechs. I was not particularly inclined to construct this mech, but quickly changed my mind when I started building. It was surprisingly small, yet it had plenty of interesting details that conveyed menace and power. It reminds me of a well conditioned featherweight boxer with its compact construction and purposeful stance. The Puma/Adder can knock your head off if you are foolish enough to underestimate its strength. A very enjoyable build.

Check out the photos of the Puma compared to the Raptor and the Osiris light mechs.

To download building plans for the Puma/Adder light mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of light mechs similar to the Puma/Adder mech here.

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