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Battletech Von Luckner Tank from Mechwarrior

Von Luckner Tank Background

The Battletech Von Luckner tank dates back to the Star League Era. It is a heavy (75 tons) tank that is fielded by Inner Sphere forces, and is one of the few non-mech vehicles that is powered by a fusion reactor. According to historical reports, the Von Luckner was designed to be a battlemech without legs. This seems to be an odd way of putting things because battlemechs should be more rightfully considered tanks with legs. My hair-splitting is not just about semantics, because there seems to be a bias towards bipedal battlemechs in the Battletech universe, to the exclusion of almost everything else. With a vehicle such as the Von Luckner tank in service, why are most mechs even necessary? I can think of a dozen reasons why a traditional tracked tank is superior to a mech. On the other hand, I can’t really see how the advantage mechs have over tanks would be so great that they would supplant tanks as the preeminent fighting vehicle in the 31st Century (except mechs look way cooler). Mechs might offer greater mobility in urban environments or thick forests, but that’s pretty much the full extent of their advantages.

Going into battle, I would rather be cruising around in a low slung tracked vehicle that is hard to detect rather than stomping around in a mech that can be seen from kilometers away.

The Von Luckner Tank Lego Model

Aside from the above quibble, I’m happy to have built my first real tracked Battletech vehicle (other than the ridiculous Mining Mech). This Von Luckner Lego model was designed by Primus and Ron Perovich. Although a little small for a 75 ton vehicle, it is a great looking tank. It would not be out of place in any present day heavy armor unit. This is a good thing if you’re into tanks. It is also a bad thing, as the model (at least to my eyes) does not look much like the Von Luckner tank from Battletech canon. It resembles an M48 Patton more than anything else. Nonetheless, I thorough enjoyed putting this model together because it was the first tank I have built with LEGO bricks. Luckily, there are many other tank designs, especially in the Age of Destruction series. Check out the image of the Von Luckner tank being menaced by a Raptor mech and Razorback mech (to be posted in the future).  Notice that both are light mechs, yet they tower over the heavy tank.

To download building plans for the Von Luckner heavy tank Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of aircraft and vehicles similar to the Von Luckner tank here.

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