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Mad Cat Mk. 4 Mech (Age of Destruction)

Mad Cat Mk. 4 Heavy Mech Background

The Mad Cat Mk. 4 mech needs no introduction. The official name of the Mad Cat Mk. 4 is the Savage Wolf, but nobody ever uses that designation (note that most Mad Cat variants except for the Mk. 4 are officially known as “Timber Wolf”).  “Mad Cat” is derived from a combination of the names “Marauder” and “Catapult,” the two types of mechs that the Mad Cat most resembles. Like the Marauder, the Mad Cat mounts lasers on each arm. Similar to the Catapult, the Mad Cat has massive LRM launchers on its shoulders. The Mad Cat is 75 tons of weaponry and armor, and is an iconic mech in the Battletech universe. It is well known for its speed (very fast for its weight class), firepower (rivaling that of assault class mechs), and armor (top secret). There are countless variants of this versatile battlemech, with new ones being developed and introduced. The Mk. 4 version first appeared in the Age of Destruction game.

I found this amusing video of the Mad Cat Mk. 4 fitted with chainsaws instead of lasers:

The Mad Cat Mk. 4 Mech Lego Model

The Mad Cat Mk. 4 mech is not the first Lego model I built from Primus’ plans. I chose it for the first post because of its stature in the Battletech universe, and its photos will set the standard for this site.

It took several hours to construct the Mad Cat Mk. 4 model, due to the large number of pieces. I wanted to build this model the first time I looked at the plans, but I had to wait a while longer in order to collect all the necessary pieces. Almost two years. Still, it pretty much depleted my entire collection of dark-bluish gray slopes. My estimation is that the whole model contains about 1,500-1,700 individual LEGO pieces. It was one of the most complicated projects I have undertaken from Primus’s plans. The model stands about 18 inches (45.7 cm) tall. What surprised me was that, for such a large mech, it had a tiny cockpit. I was barely able to squeeze a mech pilot without displacing the canopy.

I also had to modify the feet to make it more stable. Those of you who are familiar with the Mad Cat Mk. 4 might notice that the each feet on the model has one more toe than it should (4 instead of 3). That’s to help disperse the weight in order to keep the model from collapsing on itself. Lego pieces are not too heavy individually, but combine a whole lot of them together and the model can start feeling very substantial. This is one of the most difficult aspects of building these Lego mech models–how to keep them standing up at all, especially if they are the “chicken leg” kind. The chicken legs look great, but the joints cannot withstand too much weight before popping out. There is a lot of force being pulled against Lego pieces using this building method.

I also really  like the design of the two main guns on this piece, but their joints attaching them to the shoulders were they flimsy. The entire weight of each gun was held together at the arm joints with 4 studs. If these guns were to ever fire in real life, they would be ripped off their mounts.  [I could be wrong on this because Luke pointed out to me that the guns are not projectile weapons, but lasers, so they wouldn’t have any recoil.]

Overall, it was a satisfying build. Be prepared though, to search far and wide for the necessary pieces because there’s a lot which aren’t common. Highly recommended, if you’re well stocked. Not for the casual builder or collector!

To download building plans for the Mad Cat Mk. 4 heavy mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of heavy mechs similar to the Mad Cat Mk. 4 mech here.

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6 thoughts on “Mad Cat Mk. 4 Mech (Age of Destruction)

  1. when u said “savage wolf” its actually timber wolf can u please look this stuff up before posting but not to be mean or anything

    1. Actually, I’m correct. Although the Timber Wolf is widely known as the Mad Cat, the Mk. IV is a different mech that is officially known as the Savage Wolf. You can look this up if you want.

  2. i wanan buy this wel lthe parts and ugh i cant find majority of the parts no more : ( as i want to gte them all in one go : (

  3. Yup, collecting the pieces is the hardest part of building the mech models. It took me several months of scouring the internet to find all the elements to build the Mad Cat Mk. IV

  4. Excellent work with Primus’ Savage Wolf! I was intimidated myself with the size of the ‘mech and when you said 18 inches I was “O.o it’s bigger than the Atlas?!?” I myself started making Lego ‘mechs because of Primus’ site, and before that I even helped him a bit on his site by making some of the instructions for the MLCAD files he has on his download section.

    For those who want to make their own Savage Wolf but are having a hard time looking for the rare bricks, I have a smaller version of this monster (roughly the same size as Primus’ MW4 Mad Cat) on my MOCpages. Fair warning though, since it’s made with LDD (no real model) I have no idea if the leg and arm joints will hold hehe

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