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Hollander 2 Mech

Hollander 2 Medium Mech Background

The Hollander 2 mech, a light (35 tons) Inner Sphere battllemech, is the product of some weird design decisions. Its manufacturer compromised speed, armor, and pretty much everything else for pure firepower. This mech is known as the “running cannon,” an appropriate description because the massive Gauss cannon the Hollander 2 mech mounts in its upper right torso overshadows everything else. In terms of firepower, the Gauss cannon is a formidable weapon that can destroy most light mechs with a single shot. Its presence on a light mech is a rarity because most mechs of this class do not have the space to mount such a massive weapon, unless everything else has been stripped, as in the case of the Hollander 2 mech.

This is where the design compromises of the Hollander 2 gets dicey. There is only four tons of armor, the bare minimum for any mech. It is under-powered and slow for a light mech because the manufacturer had to install a smaller than required engine due to space considerations. The worst trade-off?—the fact that the Hollander 2 has no secondary defensive weapons. The Gauss cannon is a potent monster. However, it is not an energy weapon. It shoots slugs. The Hollander 2 can only carry sixteen shots in its ammo compartment. Once those slugs have been depleted, the fight is over for this mech.

For this reason, I don’t believe that the design compromises of the Hollander 2 mech are well served. I would never want to go into battle with only sixteen rounds of ammo and no backup weapon. Every shot has to count because it could be my last. Plus, once my ammo runs out, I can’t scamper off the battlefield like other light mechs due to my slow speed. I’m practically a sitting target due to my aluminum can armor plating. Although the Hollander 2 mech is popular in the Battletech universe, I would not want to pilot this machine under any circumstance.

The only place on the battlefield that the Hollander 2 mech belongs is in the periphery. Some commanders use it as a sniping mech. This is probably the only rational way to deploy a mech with such limited combat capability. I still wonder why anyone would approve such a design in the first place, with so many flaws which could be fatal in battle.

The Hollander 2 Mech Lego Model

The Lego model of the Hollander 2 mech was designed by Ron Perovich, and is featured on Brick Commander. It’s a good design that uses basic pieces. If you have a reasonable Lego collection, you can probably build this model without any problems. My only real complaint is that it is unstable. The shape of the legs were strange, and the Lego model stands as if in a sumo squat position. The heavy cannon on top of the torso didn’t help. It made the model top heavy. Not only was it top heavy, it was also unbalanced because the cannon was longer in the front than the back. Once you have gotten the model to stand, it is best to leave it alone.

My final complaint has nothing to do with the Lego model, and more with the Hollander 2 itself. The Gauss cannon in the torso is idiotic. There is no way to traverse or raise or lower it, so aiming this weapon is ridiculously hard. There’s a reason why tank cannons are mounted on turrets. You want to be able to shoot in a different direction than your line of travel. If you can only shoot at what is in front of you, then your mobility is diminished. All the firepower in the world won’t make up for bad aiming. Somehow, these elementary principles have been forgotten by the designers.

For size comparison purposes, check out the Hollander 2 with the Bloodhound and Hatchetman mechs.

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