Naga Assault Mech

Naga Assault Mech Background

The Naga, an assault class (80 tons) mech, is the Clan version of the Inner Sphere Longbow.  It is a fire support mech that mounts the Arrow IV artillery missile system.  Similar to the Longbow, instead of arms, the missile launchers extend directly from its shoulders.  Unlike the slow Longbow, the Naga is a fast mech, with a top speed of 86 k.p.h.  This advantage doesn’t make the Naga a better loved mech, however.  Like its Inner Sphere counterpart, it is loathed and unappreciated because it is not considered a combat mech.  That is, it was not designed for mech on mech fighting.  It barely has any weapons to defend itself, and must rely on other mechs to ensure survival.  To the warrior class of the Clans, piloting a fire support mech is akin to driving a minivan.  These negative biases and perceptions don’t change regardless of how well the Naga fulfills its primary mission.  Many Naga pilots are washouts or come from the non-warrior classes.

This type of close minded attitude is really stupid, because any military tactician will tell you that artillery is king of the battlefield.  More than any weapon system, artillery is responsible for most battlefield kills.  Instead of heaping scorn on the cannon cockers and fire support mechs, I would be thanking my lucky stars that they are around to assist me.  I have nothing but respect for warriors who can hit a target from 30 kliks away, or more. When it comes to the business of dealing death, only idiots and glory seekers are concerned about such trivial matters as status and class. I would prefer to go to war with professionals rather than prima donnas.

Naga Assault Mech Lego Model

The LEGO model of the Naga was designed by Primus.  He did an excellent job.  Of special note is his two-toned color scheme.  I thought it looked great, but it was a pain to build.  With this design, it’s not possible to build both arms and legs simultaneously.  Each leg or arm has to be constructed individually, increasing the build time.  Same goes for the body.  Finding the exact parts for each color takes up a lot of time.   I like the results, but wasn’t thrilled about the amount of work required. Keep this in mind if you want to attempt a two-toned build. Other than this minor complaint, there are no serious problems to report. The Naga is much more stable than the Longbow.  The leg joints were sturdier, and overall, it was not as top heavy (although I still think it’s moronic to put missile launchers on top of a mech).  With regard to the missile launchers, I admit that I might have gone overboard with the missile cones.  I don’t know of many Naga fans in the Battletech universe, but even if you were not, this is a great model to build.

To download building plans for the Naga assault mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of Assault mechs similar to the Naga mech here.

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