Say Hello to Ralph

This is Ralph the trusty mech mechanic, our unofficial mascot. We don’t know much about Ralph because he doesn’t ever talk about himself.  The only thing he does is work on mechs 24/7.  His devotion to his duties, while admirable, strikes us as being odd.  Someone who is that single-minded or obsessed about anything is surely trying to work something out of his system.  We can’t be certain because his background is a bit mysterious.  Some people say Ralph came from a wealthy family, but chose to turn his back on a life of luxury because he preferred to work with his hands.  Doing hard, honest work, as he would say.  Others think that Ralph is escaping from a dark chapter in his past.  Maybe he killed a man…

The only thing we know for sure about Ralph is that he stands 1.7 inches (4.3 cm).  He will be joining us on many photo ops with the mechs, just so you can get a better idea of their relative sizes.  Except for some photos where a forced perspective is employed, Ralph’s size relative to the mechs is accurate.  Meaning, the mechs really are as huge as they appear.

Ralph’s bio:

  • Eye color:  Unknown (always hidden behind sunglasses)
  • Hair:  (?) knob shaped
  • Weight:  Several grams

Why does Ralph look angry all the time?  Ralph gets really cranky when the hotshot mech pilots bring back their mounts shot to pieces, looking like melted metal slags.  After all the tender loving care he lavishes on these machines, he doesn’t appreciate the way the pilots abuse them. Despite his grumblings, though, he can always be counted to bring practically dead mechs back to full glory. No one has lost any money overestimating Ralph.

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