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Hellstar Mech Background

I wrote before that logistics is one of the biggest obstacles that armies have to overcome, especially if you’re fighting far from home territory. Getting food, supplies, and ammunition to the battle space is an incredibly formidable job. Depending on where you’re fighting, the supply lines can be daunting. The materiel has to brought in from friendly territory. Once near the battle space, they have to be protected. Bases and encampments must be set up. Then, they need to be delivered to where they are needed, either by truck or aircraft. In a massive campaign involving thousands of troops, the scale of this undertaking is unimaginable to most people. That’s why there are military schools which offer courses on logistics which last for several months.

Without logistical support, all the bang-bang in the world won’t amount to a hill of beans. Having the biggest gun on the battlefield is no consolation if you have no ammo. Having the mightiest tank ever created means nothing if you have no fuel. Having air superiority get’s you nowhere if you have no bombs. Having a huge army is a liability if you can’t keep your troops fed. You get the picture.

The Hellstar, is an assault class mech fielded by Clan forces, specifically the Hell’s Horses. This battlemech came about as a joint venture between the Hell’s Horses Clan and the Exiled Wolves. The Hellstar was designed with one thing in mind: to fight in extended campaigns. Despite is size, this mech is intended to produce the smallest logistical footprint possible. Broken supply lines are not a big concern for this mech. All its armaments, consisting of four extended range particle projector cannons mounted on both arms and each side of its torso, are energy based. That means that the Hellstar mech has inexhaustible firepower. As long as its fusion engine is supplying power, this mech can deal damage on an unprecedented scale.

Not only does the Hellstar have incredible firepower, it is loaded with enough heatsinks so that its weapons never overheat. That means the Hellstar pilot can blast his weapons without the two main limitations his opponent will have: running out of ammo, and shutdown from overheating. If you’re facing a Hellstar, it will probably be a duel to the death (likely yours).

The Hellstar is a slight departure from other Clan mechs, who usually don’t build mechs for long campaigns. It runs counter to the Clans’ hard and fast hitting philosophy on warfighting. Nonetheless, this mech was a great success, and several variants were designed and built.

The Hellstar Lego Model

I wanted to build the Hellstar Lego model because it looked sturdy from the plans.  I favor the bigger models.  Also, I had all the Lego pieces available in enough quantities.  The description from Brick Commander caught my attention.

It took a couple of hours to build the Hellstar because of the large amount of Lego pieces required.  The pieces you’ll use aren’t rare, but you need a TON of them.   One type of piece that is particularly hard to find is the Technic shock absorbers connecting the upper rear legs to the hips.  The suckers are very expensive, if you can find them at all.   Mostly, however, you’ll need dozens of the 2×2 tiles and 6×2 plates.

Although it wasn’t in the plans, I attached a 3×4 33° slope in the heels.  This isn’t essential, but it helps keep the Hellstar from toppling backwards. Without it, all your hard work will constantly be at risk because the model is not entirely stable.  Also, you must attach the left and right shoulder  sections to the center torso with Technic axles and Lego bricks. Otherwise, the arms will droop from the mass of the attached cannons.

My favorite aspects of the model are the torso, with the particle projector cannons on both sides, and the shoulders.  On the other hand, the hip joints could cause problems.  They must be firmly pressed into place, as they tend to buckle from the weight of the torso.  Once completed, the Hellstar is 11 inches (27 cm) tall X 10 inches (26 cm) wide.  It definitely has the massive look of an assault mech.

Overall, it’s a very stable build, once you modify the heel.  This model, however, will deplete all your pieces, especially to build the legs.

To download building plans for the Hellstar mech, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of assault mechs similar to the Hellstar mech here.

Visit my Bricklink store to purchase individual Lego pieces to build your own Battlemech models.

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