Legacy Mech

Legacy Assault Mech Background World of Blake is one of the few military forces which field the Legacy mech, an assault class (80 tons) Inner Sphere battlemech. This mech was first introduced as a platform for new experimental weapon technologies, namely the large-bore Ultra AC/10 and C3i Computer, an advanced targeting system which allows the […]

Stormcrow or Ryoken mech lego model 2

Ryoken/Stormcrow Mech

Ryoken/Stormcrow Medium Mech Background Lasers make great offensive weapons because they cause massive damage and require no ammunition, but they can pose problems for most mechs due to the enormous amount of heat they generate. The use of lasers often times would force undesirable compromises. For instance, some armor protection must be sacrificed in favor […]

Solitaire mech lego model 1

Solitaire Mech

Solitaire Light Mech Background The Solitaire is a late model light mech (25 tons) that is fielded by Clan Diamond Sharks. Its top speed of 162 k.p.h. makes it one of the fastest mechs in existence. Its builders did not compromise in its design, as this mech is fast, well armored, and heavily armed. They […]

Gargoyle mech lego model 3

Gargoyle/Man O’ War Mech

Gargoyle Assault Mech Background Imagine cruising on the highway in your SUV. You’re going pretty fast. You notice a tank is following you, trying to make an interception. A smirk forms on your face. You are content in your belief that you have the speed advantage. You don’t have the fastest vehicle, but you’re sure […]

Hatchetman mech Lego model-37

Hatchetman Mech

Hatchetman Medium Mech Background Although modern warfare is a horrible and brutal undertaking, we sometimes forget that it used to be worse. Much worse. Until the advent of reliable firearms, war was fought up close and personal. Thousands of combatants would descend upon a prearranged meeting place, position themselves tactically, and go about hacking each […]

Thor mech Lego model-10

Thor/Summoner Mech

Thor/Summoner Heavy Mech Background I consider the Thor (original designation Summoner), a heavy (70 tons) mech, to be a departure from Clan Jade Falcon’s elegant mech designs based upon raptors. For comparison, check out the models of the Gyrfalcon and the Black Lanner (there will be other posts in the future which illustrate this point). […]